Bungalow Design Services

We believe in mixing vintage and new pieces to create a timeless space that is not only charming but functional.  You can bring the bungalow style to your space through our design services. 

Creating a classic look in your space doesn't require a large budget.  We can incorporate pieces you already have in your overall design.  Your space should reflect you and in many cases, you already have the pieces you need.  They simply need to be arranged in a more functional layout with a few new additions to put the finish touch on your space. 

During the initial consultation, we will evaluate your space, discuss the goals and budget.  We will take pictures and necessary measurements. Once we curate the space, we will set up a meeting to review the proposal. 

Many clients need help with a small piece such as a bookcase.  The bungalow can help with those small projects as well.   

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Review -

Being a frequent shopper at The Bungalow, I engaged Shawna and Stacie to help me update my home.  I was so pleased with their work that my simple update became a makeover for every room in the house.  Some changes were small, and others were a total makeover of the room. They listened to what I liked and how I wanted to use the rooms and incorporated my style and function into their design.  They were professional, creative, and an absolute pleasure to work with.  They included me in the process which I really enjoyed and looked forward to their regular updates and ideas.  The entire house now is not only beautiful but also practical, even for visiting grand-babies.  I am enjoying every inch of my new home and only wish I had more rooms to decorate.  Thank you Shawna and Stacie!

-- Staci Cross 

I was given a gift certificate for an in home design consultation from The Bungalow and it was one of the best gifts I've ever received! They knew exactly what new pieces would work for my current furniture to give my space a fresh new look while making it extremely functional. 

--Brittany Circharo