Shop Local & Support Small

Before opening the shop, we had always heard the phrase “shop local and support small”.  However, after becoming small business owners we realized it is so much more than a slogan on a t-shirt.  Small business owners are a bunch of amazing individuals that took a risk on a dream.  They work day and night to bring that dream to their community.      

Small business represents 47% of all workers in the American economy.  It’s the backbone of this country.  It’s what America is all about.  This community is full of these businesses.  They are what makes this community special! 

Covid 19 hit everyone quickly. However, it was a gut punch to the small business community.  One day our restaurants and shops were open and full of lively customers.  Overnight it all changed and left many trying to figure out what to do.  Business models that worked for years quickly had to shift to different and uncharted territories.  The resilience these businesses have shown is something that we will most likely not forget anytime soon.  Restaurants doing take out only, preparing large family meals for pick up or shops having curb side pick-up for products. It has been amazing to witness the creativity that has come out of this community.  

There are things you can do to support these small businesses for free.  Sharing them on social media is like free advertising for them. Tagging your meal or product to get the word out that they are still open is huge.  If you went into a small business, take time to write a review for that business.  We don’t want to imagine a community without small and local businesses so let’s do what we can to support each other during this down time and once we start into the next phase of this process. 

This pandemic will pass and most doors will open back up to this great community.  Some doors will not open because of the hardship this has put on them economically.  Our hearts break for each of those doors that will not open, because this was not their fault.  It really is a dream that dies for the small business owner; that has to close their doors for good.  We know a lot of these restaurant and shop owners within our community.  They want to get back to work.  What our new normal looks like, I don’t think any of us know at this point.  However, I do know that we will be more vigilant when it comes to shopping local and supporting small.  Because this is our community and we need these restaurants and shops.  Please continue to support the small businesses that you can during this time.  When we get the green light, please flood these restaurants and shops.  The big box stores and chain restaurants will be fine.  They will still be here long after this pandemic has come and gone.  However, these small businesses need YOU the community more than ever once this is over.

We challenge everyone to SHOP LOCAL and SUPPORT SMALL here in our community and across the country.