Looking Ahead

We survived the holidays and hope that each of you did as well.  Isn’t there something about clearing out the holiday decorations and the start of the New Year that just brings a since of peace and new beginnings?  In December, the shop celebrated its one year anniversary and we feel that we are ready to tackle this New Year.  We are so excited to bring new items to the brick and mortar shop plus grow the online shop over the next year.

Part of owning a shop like ours is to get to know the customers and build the shop experience around their needs.  Over the last year we have met so many wonderful people and really built great friendships with them.  As the shop developed, we had folks requesting sofas and other type furniture.  Several months ago, we were approached by a great American based company to carry a small collection.  We thought the time was right to add this to our portfolio.  Adding the bungalow collection to the shop allows us to provide the customer with customized options for their homes. This collection has 500 fabrics to select from and designs to build a custom piece that is perfect for your home.  Anytime you take on a new product you want to ensure that it fits with the shop and that means staying true to what we do, which is provide you with one of a kind vintage pieces mixed with new pieces.  Finding the balance between old and new is key for us.  We will never change that piece of our business.  The bungalow collection will only be carried in our shop for now as it’s important for us to give you the customer experience of showing you the line and fabrics in person.   

The spring art wall is now up at the shop.  We loved our fall and winter wall but we were definitely ready for a fresh start.  This wall turned out so well and captures everything spring.  If you are local, we encourage you to check out this wall done by a local artist.

We have several other things in the works and can’t wait to share them in the coming weeks and months. 

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your 2019 and gifting a part of the bungalow to friends and family through the holiday season.  We hope each of you had a great New Year and can’t wait to continue to be part of your 2020.