Embrace the seasons.

 Halloween has now come and gone, so it seems as if everything has shifted to the Christmas mode.  Growing up, I never recall enjoying Thanksgiving dinner in the glow of a Christmas tree. These days it feels like everything is so rushed that we often forget to enjoy the actual season and holiday. I know it’s hard for the turkey to be bookmarked by the pumpkins and Santa but doesn’t he deserve a little window of acknowledgement?

 A few weeks ago, we had a customer slightly disappointed that we hadn’t flipped our shop for Christmas. I mean it was still October?! We try to embrace each season at the shop. That doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking ahead to what we need to do for the upcoming shop flip. It just means we want to enjoy each season entirely before quickly moving onto the next holiday.

 Being shop owners has made us mindful of how much we rush to the next event. We rush the week to get to the weekend, we rush the month to get to the next month. When people visit the shop, we want them to feel relaxed and enjoy slowly strolling through the shop. A different customer stopped in the shop simply because they were having a bad day, she said "the shop makes her happy". As shop owners, we can’t tell you how good that feels. We hope when you come into the shop during the holiday season it helps you feel a little less stressed.

 Getting a shop ready for the holidays, is not an easy task (especially when one of the owners (Shawna) hasn't set up a tree in over a decade).  Most people have their ornaments for their tree(s) already. Therefore we really wanted the shop to focus on gift items. Yes, we have some ornaments but the focus of the shop is on gifts that you can give during this holiday season.

 To kick off the holiday season, we are hosting the exchange at the bungalow on Saturday, 11/16. Since opening the shop so many local artists have stopped by to show us their products. We wanted a way to showcase these talented local vendors to the community. This will also be a great opportunity to pick up some unique one of a kind gifts.

This coming week is going to be a big week for us!  We will flip the shop for the last time in 2019, in addition to getting the mini b ready to be part of the exchange event. I encourage everyone that is local to stop in for the exchange (Saturday, 11/16 shopping starts at 10 am). We can’t wait to see everyone!

Our wish is for everyone to slow down during this hectic season and enjoy the small moments. And if you are local and want a good laugh; stop in on the weekends to see Shawna surrounded by Christmas trees and holiday music (if you know her you understand).